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Our eye care center in Jenkintown offers a full range of eye health services to clients of all ages, from children to older adults.


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Book Your Eye Exam In Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Our optometry practice, Eye Associates of Elkins Park, offers one-stop shopping for all your vision care needs. Using premier skill and top technologies, Dr. Davis will check your vision and eye health. We perform every comprehensive eye exam thoroughly, inspecting for any signs of a problem or the early onset of ocular disease.

Many eye diseases don’t cause symptoms until they have progressed to a later stage, but early detection is key to early, effective treatment – so we pay attention to every detail of your ocular health! If you have an eye disease, we’ll monitor your eyes to watch for any changes that indicate you need a new treatment. In addition to providing a full range of eye care services, our Jenkintown optometrist, Dr. Davis, specializes in dry eye treatment and fitting scleral lenses for hard-to-fit patients.

The cause of dry eye syndrome is highly individual, so it is imperative to visit our leading center for eye exams for in Abington Township and Jenkintown, Pennsylvania to find out the root of your problem. Once we know what’s causing your dry eyes, we can design the most effective, personalized treatment to bring you lasting relief.

If you have keratoconus or another corneal disorder, our eye doctor may prescribe scleral lenses, a type of specialty contacts customized to fit irregular corneas. We’ll work with you patiently until the perfect fit is found! Call to book an eye exam with Dr. Davis  in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, or pop in anytime to browse our trending optical collection. Eye emergency? Contact us immediately for assistance – our eye doctor is happy to help!


Our Eye Care Services:


Dear Patients,

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak we are:

1. Reachable by text 215 376 0306

2. Reachable by email.

3. Reachable by phone. If you call our office, it includes LVD cellphone for any urgent questions or emergencies.

4. Able to fulfill orders for Contact Lenses

5. Able to dispense glasses by preparing them for secure individual pickup. Adjustments to the glasses will not be made until it is deemed safe to have face-to-face contact.

6. Wishing you well and missing you a lot.