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Ophthalmic Materials and Coatings

High Index

The index of the lens describes the lens’ ability to refract light. The higher the index, the less material is needed to create a lens that will correct the patient’s vision. This translates to thinner and lighter lenses. If you have a higher prescription strength, you may want to consider high-index lenses to reduce the thickness and heaviness of your glasses.

While this may sound like an obvious choice for those with high prescriptions, high index lenses do have drawbacks. The most significant one is that they are not shatter-resistant. Especially for children, this factor should be weighed carefully since children are especially prone to breaking their glasses. Additionally, some patients experience visual distortion due to the way light travels through the lens. However, this can usually be mitigated with anti-reflective coating.


When sun-reactive lenses are exposed to UV light, they turn from clear to dark. The most well-known brand is Transitions, and some people use this brand name interchangeably for all types of sun-reactive lenses. However, it is important to note that there are several other brand options as well. Sun-reactive lenses come with their own array of options including colors, intensity of darkness, and even polarized or mirror effect when darkened.

Although they are similar to sunglasses in their ability to protect your eyes from UV rays, they are not a replacement for sunglasses necessarily. When behind the windows of your vehicle, for example, they will not react to the sunlight. They can be an excellent option though for those who find switching between their eyeglasses and sunglasses cumbersome, or who are light-sensitive.

Anti Glare/Blue Blockers

Anti-reflective coatings reduce the glare on your lenses. Glare is both fatiguing and can make nighttime driving difficult due to the glare of other vehicle’s headlights. The anti-reflective coating will help your eyes from becoming overly tired during the day and will also reduce the halo of oncoming lights at night. Additionally, they will reduce the glare on your lenses visible to others, so your glasses will appear more clear, and others will be able to see your eyes, rather than just your lenses.

The blue light that comes from our many electronic devices is proving to be troublesome to both our health and comfort. Blue light also affects the brain’s ability to begin winding down to sleep, which is why looking at screens in the time before bed can be detrimental to falling asleep. BluTech lenses were developed to mitigate some of the adverse effects of blue light. These are not merely standard tinted lenses, but rather have a melanin injection into the lens material itself, thus filtering out as much as 40% of the blue light we see. This technology makes working on computers both safer and more comfortable for your eyes. Patients who have used BluTech say they feel less tired at the end of a long day of computer work and regularly recommend the lenses to their coworkers.

Anti Fog Treatments

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ANSI Approved Sportswear

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